Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Work & Happiness

            One of the jobs I had before was working as an office assistant at Gouverneur Hospital. The place is very sanitary and organizes.  All my co-workers were really nice and helpful. They all had a very positive attitude.  I was able to learn everything in a short period; especially with the technologies, and running the filing programs. The pay was decent, but sometimes I found myself having nothing to work on. Sometimes I would be reading the news online, or some article, or I might even be on Facebook, but no one minds as long as I get my job done.  Most of the time I would make calls, pick up calls, faxing, running errands from department to department, file away documents by computer or manually which was a bit dreary. These are like the basics when it comes to working in an office environment. There are even times when I would even ask my supervisor if there was anything else I could work on. In some way I was happy that it was only for the summer.
            I would tell my friends about my job and they would go “Oh you’re so lucky to have such an easy job and you get paid; I want your job, etc.” Even though, they say that I do not feel lucky. When something new comes up I may feel a bit excited or even just a bit happy, because I get to experience something new. But I was not really happy with the job I had at that time. I believe that work is similar to education, if one is not challenged enough or over challenge things becomes boring or be over stressed and that would result in being less happy or not happy at all. The salary is very important because we live in a society that runs on currency, but happiness at work is significant too. Why work at a place with tasks that do not bring out ones’ potentials or is just too much to handle.

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